Our Privacy Policy

As this is our privacy policy page, and you’ve landed here, it means that you want to learn how we process your personal data and how we protect your privacy. We won’t let you down!

Please find details below – and know we are on hand to answer any added questions you may have. Also you can visit the Information Commissioner’s Office to see what rules and guidelines we expressly follow, and their GDPR information here.

In operating our site, it is essential for us to capture some information about your device, such as your IP address and information related to your visit when you browse.

For example, this might include the time-stamp, a trail of which pages you visited and in what sequence, the last page you visited, and the amount of time you spent on our site.

We cannot identify who you are directly from that data (you’re anonymous**), but we can see your IP address, and if you visit us again, the system recalls that you had visited us before. In addition we can see your approximate location, as linked to your IP address. If you run a VPN we will see the location the VPN provides.


We do that in order to:

* remember who you are so that you do not need to re-authenticate or see cookies messages at each click;

* monitor if our website is running with the high performance we are dedicated to providing;

* let you browse between pages without having to start back from the home page at each click;

* control that your data is processed securely.

We call the information mentioned above “essential information” and we collect it through the 
use of cookies. Cookies are small text files that most websites uses.

A website places cookies in the web browser and then reads the information collected through the cookies every time the user performs an action. We use cookies. Without enabling this mechanism and this kind of cookies (first-party cookies), we could not provide you with the smooth experience that you expect while you are navigating.


**In addition, those of you who commence a chat with us, or who leave a message via the “We’re Offline: please leave a message” facility, will have provided a name and email address. At that point you are no longer anonymous, but you would have deliberately provided that information with the specific intention of allowing us to interact with you as an individual.

From that point, the system will also track your visits to our site by name, so that we can properly personalise your website and service experience.

However. Because this is a clinical site, and any such chat usually involves discussing clinical information, Dr Alex is the only administrator who is permitted to see any of that information – your name, your email address, and anything whatsoever you choose to discuss. Nobody else has any access or any facility to view or capture that information. Similarly, all messages left via that portal go directly to Dr Alex’s own email address.

Any information, including clinical, and personal details shared in this way are strictly confidential. The information is held by Dr Alex in case you wish to follow up the chat with a consultation, in strict accordance with our Clinic Data & Data Retention Policy.



If you buy something from our store, we will need more specific information about you.

To fully process your order and ship the merchandise you selected, we need your personal data such as your first and last name, your email address and your shipping and billing address. We also use your contact and order information to send you communication related to the processing of your order. We will ask you to provide this information before or during checkout, before letting you finalize your purchase with the payment.

If you have filled in a Clinical form – for example for a Diagnostic Lab Test – and start but don’t complete your payment, you may have provided partial information, such as your email. In that case, we might send you an email to remind you about your interest.

If you are not comfortable in receiving further emails of this kind, we will give you a simple opportunity to opt-out. Your privacy means a lot to us and we will stop sending you any of these communications right away.

We may also use some specific information related to your visit, such as the timestamp of your visit, the page or the product you viewed, where you are coming from (if you came to our store because you clicked on a link, or if you just opened our direct link).

This is very similar to the “essential information,” but we use it to provide you with a personalized experience.

The information on your visit provides us with insights on your interests and allows us to send you relevant communications. We capture this information through cookies, called a “beacon,” that we allow you to block.

We may also use your personal information to send you a newsletter by email; you can opt-out of receiving any additional communications from us at any time by emailing us at: contact@concorde.clinic  or by clicking on ‘unsubscribe’ at the end of any personalised communication you receive from us.

You can find a lot more about this on our Data Policy & Data Retention Policy page.

We use a specialist external provider to run our Clinical Forms securely and expertly, and also use other, highly specialized external providers to provide the most competitive services.  

Payment:  Our sales here are PCI-DSS compliant (a very strict industry standard with requirements for the security of credit card information), as we use accredited companies to process your credit card information. We have selected two giant companies with extremely high standards of security, namely Paypal and Stripe.

Shipping:  We either manually or automatedly integrate with a number of shipping companies to fulfil your orders for Diagnostic Tests. These include Royal Mail, Hermes and DHL. 

Partnering with highly specialized external companies allows us to focus on what we do best: providing really high calibre Clinical Services. We deliberately select large companies with rigorous standards to ensure that your information is safeguarded as you interact with us.

If you are one of our Clients who is in the EU, you have specific rights that we will continue to enforce here in the UK, under GDPR principles for the lawful processing of your personal data. We uphold the same rights for our UK Clients, of course, as well.

Processing includes the collection, organisation, structuring, storage, alteration, consultation, use, communication, combination, restriction, erasure or destruction of personal data.

Again please take a look at our Data Policy & Data Retention Policy page, if you want more detailed information. If you have extra questions, please just reach out – we will be more than happy to help.

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