Physical Issues We Treat

Dr Alex specialises in treating physical conditions that aren’t simply problems with physical structures.

Dr Alex can treat the whole TRIAD of domains that affect physical health to an exceptionally high level:


She often works alongside Physical Therapists to tackle domains, or elements of the domains, that are outside of the reach of their own specialist training.



Dr Alex treats all issues affecting the muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, or bones – but she doesn’t undertake any direct mechanical manipulation of the spine, back or bony joints.

Her expertise is best suited to:

Musculoskeletal problems involving spasm
Tissues that have been injured but failed to heal
Pain that is unrelenting
Pain that often changes in location or character
Stiffness (localised or generalised) that keeps returning

Musculoskeletal or connective tissue problems that have arisen after a period of illness
Musculoskeletal or connective tissue problems that arose from treatment for other illness

Any muscular or connective tissue issue that is made worse by stress
Any muscular or connective tissue problem that has some link with physical or psychological trauma

All soft tissue, joint and skeletal problems in someone with general inflammation, local inflammation (including of another part of the body), autoimmune disease / autoantibodies on eg  GP testing.

Connective Tissue Disease including in:

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
Granulomatosis with poly-angiitis (GPA), formerly called Wegener’s granulomatosis
Churg-Strauss syndrome
Systemic lupus erythematosus lupus (SLE)
Microscopic poly-angiitis

Debilitation – including debilitation that waxes and wanes
Polymyalgia and Fibromyalgia and all myalgias
All musculoskeletal or connective tissue issue that accompanies other compromise or general unwellness.

Issues involving body composition – especially after a period of ill-health, treatment for ill-health, or in conjunction with ill-health

Musculoskeletal or connective tissue issues that are accompanied by headaches, loss of ability to focus, cognitive compromise and/or feeling low in mood

Any muscular or connective tissue problems that haven’t been treated successfully by Physical Thearpists (because Dr Alex’s expertise is not the same)

Other ‘Physical Conditions’ We Treat

There are many more physical issues that Dr Alex treats – and these include all physical conditions which may accompany changes to your psyche, your sense of wellbeing, your mental health and how you use your brain.

They also include physical aspects of medical issues that aren’t cited here.

If you are struggling with any conditions that you are unsure about, please just contact Dr Alex via here. There is no obligation. You have everything to lose by not getting in touch, and everything to gain by taking the leap.

Dr Alex does not accept as clients people she doesn’t have great confidence in being able to treat to a high level. And will be clear when she believes that she can add real value in your treatment profile.

All you have to do is ask !

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