New Psychology


New Psychology™ is the psychological equivalent of New Medicine™, sharing Dr Alex’s ground-breaking and revolutionary ‘whole new paradigm’ for:
> using all of science (the knowledge that informs the process/work/treatment)
> in conjunction with the new (divergent) ‘opposite way round’ approach (to generating the knowledge of exactly what needs treating)
> in a structural, systematic way
> based on the uniqueness of the Individual and their Biography
to rapidly advance an individual’s ‘psyche’.

It’s full name is ‘New Individual-Paradigm Psychology™’. We can address problems that have never before been easily amenable to psychological intervention, and usually with a speed (and ease) that is generally thought to be ‘incredible’.

It’s a system that leverages your existing personal, psychological and neural resources to achieve the required changes, using a number of ‘process advancements’ in combination, which have each been elusive til now. Plus a unique ‘holonic’ and systematic diagnostic system.


Usually when you ‘go for therapy’, you start out flat, then spend a lot of time wading through many things (painful things, sad things, historic things) over weeks, months, years. This means that often you become even more flat, before you see the benefit and start to get uplifted.

When your therapy eats up your already-low resources, it can interfere with other facets of life – like work mojo. And people around you have to endure that while you find your feet. They may get down, and then struggle to ‘keep you up’. This extends the ‘cost’ in so many ways, to you and others.

Instead, we use a new way of first creating precise dimensions of the HUMAN GAIN an Individual needs to ‘re-resource’.

And then using that ‘new brain capacity’ – that new resource – we get rid of whatever has been holding you back or weighing you down. A new strategy which means way more speed, and no dips.

It’s like bouncing a ball that is rolling along the floor. In normal therapy, that ball may end up down a hole. In our work, we use each element of our input to bounce the ball more. And by definition, a bouncing ball is NOT rolling along the floor.


We work with Individuals to rapidly ratchet up Mind Performance – either ‘generically’, or in relation to specific Life, Health or Work domains.

This means that we have a way of boosting the ‘powerfulness’ of someone’s mind, generally (within reason) – which is what we do if their problem is actually that they need to change their brain’s capability for doing certain ‘stuff’ that would allow their problems to resolve.

For example, we identify that what a person is basically showing us is that they can’t take different perspectives (they may have 3000 problems and we work out that is what these all hold in common). Then there could 100 different reasons for that. One of them reflects the agility of their thought processes, and we deem it ‘most relevant’. If they don’t have that, they don’t have that – no amount of sitting talking about their pain will fix it. They need to develop it!

On a more ‘chunked down’ level, we might instead identify something very specific that you need in relation to a stuck problem, that you haven’t yet got – and then set about developing that with you. For example, a way of ‘filtering’ information in relation to a specific person. And guess what?! As soon as you have that fixed, your problem disintegrates.

So even our ‘therapeutic’ psychology is very often ‘developmental’. Most normal therapy is not developmental – it might ‘move you on’, but within your existing ‘capacity’, which is not the same thing.


In our work we use Dr Alex’s proprietary ‘Best-Human Blueprint’ of ‘what has to hold true’ for an Individual’s ‘Being’ & Mind/Brain Processes to be optimal & unencumbered.

So we know exactly what we are looking to either create  (something you haven’t got that you now need) or  get rid of  (something that you have that is getting in the way of you resolving issues or developing how you wish).

How do we know? Well, because we look to our blueprint. We know what you should have  (but don’t have yet – so like a missing wall on an architect’s plan) or what shouldn’t be how it is or ‘shouldn’t exist’ that is getting in your way (like a well in the middle of a living room in the same analogy).

Which means:

> speedy resolution (of problems/issues) &/or
> targeted development (of less than ideal brain functions).


Like our New Individual Medicine, New Individual Psychology uses Dr Alex’s proprietary Neuro-psychological Templates & Algorithms for mega-accuracy in determining how salient something is to THAT INDIVIDUAL (‘relevance’).

So instead of going round the houses talking about things that may, or may not, really relate to YOUR current challenges, we have a way of pin-pointing stuff that needs ‘fixing’ – a bit like code-breakers. Or, less dramatically, software engineers. And then working out how relevant that would be for YOU. Sort of like a ‘reverse engineering check’.

This enables us to work out precisely what to tackle at a sort of ‘coding’ level – anything to do with ‘you as a human being’, or any ‘mind/brain challenge’ you have that requires development of specific processes, or ‘overwriting’ of mis-codings, corruptions or restrictions for YOU to overcome YOUR problems.

We have already mentioned that, underpinning problems, there could be anything from specific thorny issues through to the need to re-structure brain conceptualisation / thinking / coding-processes.

Apart from that, there is the issue of:
a) how relevant that is to you and your individual problems
b) the extent to which fixing that will help you, and then
c) within that, there is what amounts to oodles of ‘code’ reflecting how YOU – during your life – have tried to get round ‘your actual problem’ (workaround code) or developed micro-strategies for negating them (‘effort to omit’ code), and so on.

We look for all of this, in our New Individual-Paradigm Psychology.


Can you imagine this? So many people go for psychotherapy and they spending weeks talking about ‘their childhood’, with the patient often insisting that isn’t ‘where’ the problem lies. And then they get to now, and still, months on, there is no insight into a ‘source’ of the problem.

The idea of your pain being lodged in a historic or current event or occurrence, caused by something or someone, is anyway a little ‘weak’ (‘low leverage’). Because you can’t change that event – you can only change what it is about  you, and how you think about it or how you think it through, that is stopping you from resolving these issues or from being able to advance in life without in any way being able to rewrite history.

So here’s a radical thought! Why not: NOT bother with all the weeks and months of analysing ‘stuff’ you cannot re-write, and just focus on what it is about YOU that you CAN change or develop, that will finally allow you to move on.

That’s how we approach things. And to be able to do that we need to be able to pin-point the ‘what’ (we can), and know ‘how’ (we do). So we set about very strategically tackling ‘inefficiencies’ and ‘limitations’ and ”brain orientations’. And switch all ‘agency’ to the place where you emerge not just intact, but as the VICTOR, not the VICTIM.


Obviously, there would be no great value in being able to pin-point ‘exact ‘whats’ if there were no exact ‘hows’.

So while all our work is really light-years ahead – the investigation, the diagnostic – what is perhaps the most extraordinary is the fact that we have worked our exactly how to work with the specific deficiencies, defects, or ‘mis-alignments’, that we have uncovered.

Yes, our ground-breaking work extends into the zone of psychological therapeutics, in a way that is not yet practiced elsewhere.

Working with **precise mechanisms** & **exact pathways** required to moderate how things are working, ‘undo damage done’, or rectify ‘unhelpful/limiting shortfalls’.

Obviously, there would be no great value in being able to pin-point ‘exact ‘whats’ if there were no exact ‘hows’.

So while all our work is really light-years ahead – the investigation, the diagnostic – what is perhaps the most extraordinary is the fact that we have worked our exactly how to work with the specific deficiencies, defects, or ‘mis-alignments’, that we have uncovered.

Yes, our ground-breaking work extends into the zone of psychological therapeutics, in a way that is not yet practiced elsewhere.

Working with **precise mechanisms** & **exact pathways** required to moderate how things are working, ‘undo damage done’, or rectify ‘unhelpful/limiting shortfalls’.

And one of the reasons we know this is unique is because, to our best knowledge, we alone have worked out how to work directly with the limbic system – where most of the ‘structure’ to these problems resides.


The ‘GAIN’ CREATED negates the stress on your ‘operating system’ & ‘hard-drive’ – creating less ‘operational demand, higher performance & less stress.

This is so radical – but in one paragraph looks like nothing! Almost no medicine or psychology on earth has this underpinning it – at best it is generally about managing your problems (managing your stress, your anger, your fear, learning to live with this, that, the other, learn to accept, learning to forgive etc).

That all increases DEMANDS on the system. Which in effect increase ‘system stress’, and like lots of open windows on your PC, reduces performance. By comparison, in our groundbreaking psychology, we create NEW RESOURCES (eg new brain capacity), which DECREASES stress and increases performance.

Doesn’t sound like much? Well – it is, for example, the absolute difference between: LEARNING TO LOVE AGAIN (sounds ok, yes?) and BEING ABLE TO LOVE AGAIN (like there never was a problem). Think about it….


Our work is based on:

>*targeted* Neuroplasticity (re-wiring) &

> precise Neurogenesis (creation of neurons)

as *relevant and *specific to the individual’s problem*.

Coupled with the creation of expanded mindedness which in turn also supports better health (via psycho-neuroimmunology – PNI – and psycho-neuroendocrinology – PNE).

Everyone who practices any form of coaching on therapy is now talking about neuroplasticity and neurogenesis as if they are going inside someone’s mind and fiddling the knobs themselves. What they are saying is: ‘yahoo as a human being things can change because your brain can grow and your brain can change’.

However, we are as good as going inside our client’s mind and fiddling the knobs ourselves! We’re talking 25 years of Dr Alex’s excruciating study of dense, extremely complex neuro-psychology, coupled uniquely with her own R&D.

And as for expanded mindedness. That is not the same as ‘mindfulness’ – which helps to generically develop the limbic system (in short). This again is radically different from what we do: deliberately working with the limbic system on a direct and personal basis to negate an individual’s own unique problems reflecting their own unique biography.


We can work directly with the Limbic System – not like in a fairly random way like hypnotherapy (which has its own merits as a tool, but not as a complete system of psychology).

We work with the client awake & fully engaged – with the client directing the change at a limbic level and checking it cognitively.

Which is unheard of.

This means we can also leverage the processing speed of this formidable, dominant brain domain. Usually, when someone has therapy, they are largely working with the cognitive brain which operates at 10-100 bps (bits per second). The limbic brain processes at a speed of up to 6 billion bps. Now do you see how we can often resolve even life-long issues (subsequent to the investigative work and diagnostics) in 1-2-1 work equivalent of 1-2 days?!

That’s also where these pesky problems are ‘stored’. As far as we know this is a world-first – it means we can work:

> directly on trauma
> to eliminate inappropriate stress
> directly on stress triggers
> directly on unresolved/unresolving emotions – including anger, sadness, fear, guilt, grief, untoward regret, panic & panic attacks, and anxiety

All of which are generally outside of normal reach.

Why is why we can treat issues that haven’t been resolvable by any other means.

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New Psychology™ is radically different!

Currently, at best, psychology applied to mental health (as used in psychotherapy & clinical psychology), is about condensing to labels, and treating according to label. You have ‘OCD’. You have ‘Trauma’. You have ‘Anxiety’. We stop at: YOU.

In contrast, New Psychology takes a drammatically different route to ‘diagnosing’, and very precisely solving, an individual’s problems. Your problems. Interrogating the structure of your presentation, and then applying relevant up-to-the-minute science, and a whole new way of ‘doing things’ (including things – like direct Limbic Work – which have never been done our way before).

The chiasm between ‘New Psychology’ and ‘existing psychological approaches’ is even more extreme than for ‘New Medicine’ compared with ‘mainstream medicine’ (which uses a lot of science, just a miniscule amount of what science there is). Psychologists, while highly qualified, largely base their work on the theories of one predecessor or one model or another, which is itself limiting, and don’t really use science.

Meanwhile psychotherapy and counselling, while helpful for many, are generally focused on ‘how to steer a person with mental health issues’ – not ‘how to use new insights and up-to-the-minute science to solve mental health issues’.

Yes, gladly there is now more education on, for example, ‘neuroscience’ during degree and postgrad training – but we are unaware of instances where the professional learns the actual *relevance and precise useful *application of any of the enormity of science now available, to an *individual’s presentation. Mostly, courses are still talking about the Limbic Brain, for example, as if it’s your enemy. Whereas in fact it is the dominant of all brain centres – equiped with speeds and power that can be leveraged to resolve issues that have you ‘stuck’ or ‘under par’.

Like New Medicine, for us, New Psychology is not even ‘just’ about the new way of using all-of-knowledge. Nor ‘just’ about how we determine what science to use. But a whole new way of making existing knowledge USEFUL. How to put it to work.

These are our gargantuan innovations – suddenly so much of what wasn’t within reach is treatable, with this new ‘ANY-SCIENCE-MADE-USEFUL-FOR-ANY-INDIVIDUAL-via-our-own-diagnostic-engine’ paradigm.

We can use New Medicine to work past resolving medical problems – like more fitness and resilience, but that is relatively limited compared with our Psychological developments. Because in New Psychology we can use our  ‘Human GAIN Theory™’ in extra-far-reaching ways.

‘Human GAIN Theory™’ is Dr Alex’s invention for creating ‘gain’ that can precisely offset the ‘losses’ that have created the symptoms someone is struggling with. But beyond treating problems, if we create MORE GAIN than there is LOSS, you end up with NEW DEVELOPMENT and NEW POTENTIAL.

So New Psychology is both THERAPEUTIC and: DEVELOPMENTAL.

New advanced ways of thinking, new capabilities, whole new ways of tackling complex problems, vast new insights, new intelligence… new dynamics of interacting, a new outlook on the world, a sudden awareness of new possibilities… a whole new level of compassion, soulfulness, intuitiveness… more HUMANITY.

Please contact Dr Alex right now if you would like to know how we can help YOU.

Please – if you have a problem that has you stuck, please don’t assume you’ll always remain stuck, just get in touch. We are not limited by what has ‘always been’. So for example, we can not only fully treat trauma, but can often do so with speed (depending on the trauma). Conversely, there are also some great treatments in mainstream psychology which our paradigm is not intended to treat, by design – and we will be sure to tell you.

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