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New Individual Medicine™ was created by Dr Alex, following special training sponsored by the Wellcome Trust. The design of ‘The New Paradigm’ is for: more medicine, individual medicine, faster medicine, more responsive medicine. Medicine that’s bang up-to-date with where the science is.

It’s like the ULTIMATE ASPIRATION of medicine – especially for complex, multi-faceted conditions, and really all conditions that are beyond requiring any form of emergency or other mainstream treatment.

New Medicine™ is ground-breaking – a gigantic leap-forwards in medicine ! BY DESIGN, it was developed to work beyond the limits of any other type of medicine – specifically engineered to address the very reasons for there even being limits in medicine, given all that we know (and should be using) by now. Once upon a time, the world was flat…

How can this be?! It is not ‘one thing’. It’s layers and layers of UNIQUENESS of approach for dealing with UNIQUENESS & COMPLEXITY, all amalgamated into one beautiful engine of answers.

Where does this added ‘leverage’ come from?

For clarity, by definition, our New Medicine is about what we can create to help you, beyond  what can be achieved by mainstream management (not instead of it).

And to generate added avenues, you have to be able to use something that isn’t being used, that can add value. At the highest level, our New Medicine is about two things:

The first, removing the ‘data redundancy’ that exists in mainstream medicine – we take that redundancy out of the process, in the way that we devise medical treatments.

And it involves two major types of data redundancy – redundancy of available science  (science that’s sitting right there, that isn’t being used), and  redundancy of all the ‘data’ about you.

The second, is in having a process that puts that extra data into a ‘special sausage machine’ which churns out that added clinical value.

Dr Alex’s ‘New Individual Medicine Paradigm’ does a number of things differently – in a totally unique way – amounting to what is now an extremely elaborate, sophisticated, advanced, and specialized ‘approach’.

All housed within the matrix of our other stratosphere of unique IP, HUMAN GAIN THEORY, which has achieved a new understanding of the ‘physics’ of the very basis of disease, and of return to health (where biologically possible) – in a format that enables us to systematize what, to date, has not been tangible to complexity modelers.

This means nothing until we tell you that this is the ‘holy grail’ of INDIVIDUAL MEDICINE – because it has enabled us to use our system to achieve REPRODUCIBLE results even  though every output from our clinic is UNIQUE.

Thereby enabling us to shake off the handcuffs of development in medicine: the vastly diminishing and limiting issue of ‘standardization’ (how we shrink a whole presentation down to a singular small unit so that we can test drugs against that unit, to know what results we will get when prescribing it to someone – in theory).

So our ‘Engine’ is like an innovation accelerant – it means we can tackle any condition in a new way, focusing primarily on the individual presentation, not the disease, providing certain criteria are met.

The way we’ve described this so far sounds so easy! The really most demanding part of the process is in bringing all that added data to the table, and working out what information is important, and relevant, to your unique situation, and for you as a unique individual, in creating a clinical solution FOR YOU.

None of that reveals how humungous a job that is. It isn’t a ‘data machine exercise’ – it’s data regarded, and sifted, and juxtaposed against:

> a truly gargantuan base of understanding of every relevant science, and

> many different facets of clinical medicine, relevant to:

# the development of an individual disease
# the processes that can lead to an individual’s disease, and
# the genesis of individual dimensions of health, plus
# the deliberate generation of individual health..
each spanning from molecules within particular cells, through to spirituality.

We then work with it on ‘an interconnected multi-system biological basis’ (think of it as a mapping exercise), ‘factor it’, and assign ‘probabilities’ ‘about what we’re ‘seeing’ (for example, in terms of causes and consequences, drifts and shifts).

Then next, it’s about how we determine ‘what’s what’ within all that data and assign it some ‘order’– both looking at the ‘whole vast pot of science’, and at ‘all the info about you’ (including your observations, our observations, your biographical info, your clinical test results – be they genomic or ‘status results’ etc).

And then how we ‘fashion’ ‘what we can see’, and have determined for YOU, from all that data into your very own clinical solution.

After a whole other step where we look at all the science that tells us what compounds could be used to modify the biochemistry or physiology or psychology as exact targets, or patient modifications that can be applied to achieve very particular required changes.


Firstly, we use all information and data the opposite way round (divergent and all-inclusive) to mainstream medicine (convergent & virtually-excludes-all-bar-some crumbs-of-relevant-data – ‘leaving out’ screeds of available science data – and almost all the information about you).

Secondly, we use all YOU information and data! We don’t need to ask you if you have ever wondered about the level of redundancy – which you might call ‘waste’ – of nuggets that you brought to your doctor’s clinic, that were never factored into your ‘prescription… because every patient tells us every time.

Thirdly, we use all available science – even science that materialized yesterday. Have you ever wondered about the level of redundancy of all this high-calibre research that’s produced, oodles every single day… that just ‘sits there doing nothing’?!

Fourthly, we have a new ‘engine’ for using the YOU data.

Fifth, we have a new ‘engine’ for using the ALL-SCIENCE data.

Sixth, the whole thing is motored by, and grounded in, a very sophisticated new theory called ‘HUMAN GAIN THEORY, which

Seventh, we have an extremely powerful ‘other engine’ – a TRIANGULATING ENGINE – which allows us to work out, what will be THE most:

1. hard-hitting
2. relevant (to you, your situation, the science)
3. ‘spot on’ (totally matched up/aligned with your problems)

way to get you your results…. to:

4. the highest level possible (which relates to six above)

…based on sort of ‘physics’ and ‘factoring’ really – it’s about leverage, working out:
a. what is the ‘longest lever’
b. for your ‘greatest gain’

5. In the ‘shortest time’.

This step-change in Medicine has the full name of ‘Individual & Biographical Medicine’ – because it assumes that you are completely UNIQUE and that your life is also UNIQUE (because you are, and it is!).

Nobody but nobody has had the exact same knocks and thumps as you… and every atom of your brain and body will have reacted to each bash in its own unique way, leading YOU to precisely where YOU are now.

A bit or a lot battered, and a bit or a lot dented in your exact own, particular (and sometimes peculiar) way.

Our New Medicine ‘engine’ – in Dr Alex’s specialist, very human, and compassionate hands – will be working to get you ‘more’ health than you can possibly get elsewhere, beyond the mainstream options that you have. That’s not by way of boast – it’s by way of the very intention of the design.

No matter why you are coming to us, and for even more likely have no idea what you want or need… you can be sure that you will benefit from the highest level of specialism AND the most advanced way of using everything that is on the table, to get YOU the best possible result.

New Medicine isn’t strictly-speaking for ‘conditions’, it’s for ‘individuals’.
But people are used to thinking in terms of conditions, so to give you a steer:

Are you ‘at threshold’…?

New Medicine is for any condition, illness or presentation for which you think have reached a threshold in your treatment, using any other means.
Be it horrible acne, or cancer. It’s for MORE – MORE MEDICINE, tomorrow’s medicine, available today.

Do you have a complex, tricky condition…?

And it’s most certainly for tricky medical problems that aren’t readily treated in mainstream medicine – including CFS/ME and LongCOVID. The more annoying, or stubborn, or complex your presentation, the more bizarre or random your symptoms, the more this was designed for YOU.

It’s for any problem ‘normal’ medicine hasn’t been able to treat well enough for YOU. By design, it’s for all those sticky, unchanging or never-ending, pesky life-limiting medical problems that mainstream medicine cannot treat especially well. It’s for the many many people who have to keep on visiting their GP and hospital but never feel like they’re actually getting anywhere, or anywhere anymore.

What mainstream doctors call ‘heartsink patients’ – because they dearly wish they had answers, but really don’t, and these patients keep returning to see them, to no avail.

Please contact Dr Alex right now if you would like to know how we can help YOU.
We hope that you can say goodbye to heart sink – from new help that’s at hand.

We will never accept you as a patient if we do not believe that we can add value in your individual presentation. To check on that, we TRIAGE for FREE. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Email us right away at or use our contact form here.

Dr Alex’s ‘New Individual Medicine Paradigm’ does a number of things differently – in a totally unique way –

The Backdrop:

To understand this better, let’s take a look at where this extra capability came from. It was developed by Dr Alex after she worked out strategically and tactically, what is ‘limiting the development of answers’, in mainstream medicine. Essentially ‘the whole way drugs are developed’ (which, notably, is not the same as saying ‘how clinical solutions are created’) – which is largely glacial, and ignores both ‘most of the relevant science’ and ‘most of the individual factors’.

Everyone in medicine wants this to improve – but in pharma medicine you have to deal with knowables and knowns for safety. Gladly there are some new ‘biological’ avenues that speed up development – but don’t always greatly improve outcomes, because there’s still the same ‘science’ and ‘individual factors’ issue.

Safety and efficacy:

We have also addressed the safety issue in a completely new way (albeit not strictly comparable because the compounds we use, and pharma, are cheese and chalk).

Our medicine is extremely safe because we can use many different things each at a low dose, many of which have a multiplicity of actions, on account of the fact that we don’t have unknowns and target everything that matters, and in doing so there aren’t side effects (because it is devised per individual).

However one of the eternal conundra in mainstream medicine is: ‘why do supposedly highly-targeted drugs have such high levels of side effects’, and ‘why do different people using such drugs only get any value from them to the tune of ~40%’, and ‘then only ~35% of the time’.

And in lacking our system, what mainstream medicine keeps trying to do to be better able to make drugs align neatly with outcomes, is standardize harder and make things yet smaller.  Trying to increase safety and efficacy by increasing specificity – which to us is the wrong way round.

New Paradigm Medicine is the Multidimensional Opposite:

So although our New Medicine is the absolute nth degree in personalisation, this is NOT what’s generally termed ‘personalized medicine’ (where, say, 90% of each solution is the same for everybody, and the icing on the cake changes).

Nor is it what many believe is ‘the forefront of mainstream medicine’, where there are smaller and smaller sub-groups within a coded condition – like asthma – drilled down to smaller dots (which has its value). Because although we would argue what we offer really is, most heads are turned in the opposite direction (drill-down, not expand up).

And this is NOT what is currently known as ‘precision medicine‘ – which uses a few variables simultaneously within populations to sup-group them, and suggest answers better suited to ‘the sub-group’ than ‘the population as a whole’ (eg people with hypertension plus also diabetes mellitus type II).

So in our opinion, New Individual Medicine is the ultimate in personalization because it’s 100% PERSONAL.

And yes, it is THE FOREFRONT of medicine –  but in examining all of the multiple pixels in a huge HD picture expanded up, as opposed to an even-more-sub-codified dot.

And yes it is PRECISION MEDICINE – but looking at all variables for ONE INDIVIDUAL – not a few variables for a sub-group.

But shaking off all these sub-divisions within mainstream medicine, which look in the ‘wrong direction – where there is lowest leverage – in our view… what we offer ALREADY is a truly world-shifting ‘new brand way of doing things’ – it really  IS a NEW PARADIGM and not just paying lip-service to the term.

Please contact us if you need help!




New Medicine is very advanced and uses ALL SCIENCE that is available – right up to the minute – not just the miniscule of science that once upon a time informed the chemical formulation of your current tablets. Mainstream medicine doesn’t even use a 1000th of 1% of what is known. Every day thousands of new research papers are published, but hardly any of it is used. That causes an issue called ‘knowledge redundancy’.

This also means that years and years of research are just sitting there for the taking. Vast knowledge that just needs someone ‘special’ – a special sort of expert – to ‘work the science to make it pay dividends’ for you. Knowledge redundancy provides a whacking great resource for ‘value creation’ – creation of ‘added value’.

And so when Dr Alex uses that redundant science, for you, suddenly we have oodles of extra welly to tackle your disease.


This Medicine also works the ‘other way round’ from the medicine you are used to…

Mainstream medicine is about ‘shrinking all your symptoms down’ to generate a label, then matching a treatment to the label. Our Medicine is about ‘opening your symptoms and body problems up’ into component parts, looking at it from ‘First Principles’, then working out (and working on) all the component ‘pathways and factors’ that feed into those parts. That generates loads and loads of ‘variables’. Which then makes it possible for us to generate loads and loads of different options for treatment.

In addition, rather importantly, it means that we can direct our treatment to ’cause’ (which is a bit like pulling a weed out by the roots). And, the higher up and further back we go from the actual symptoms to ‘root cause’, the greater the likelihood that, in one swoop, we can address many different symptoms and problems that you have, even though you can’t yourself see (but may sense) that they might be connected and related.

Right now your condition is a flat name on a page – a label, in 1D, being reviewed in monochrome. We’ll make it 3D, expand it up, look at it from a gazillion different angles, in blazing colour, find the substance, and the nuance…. and then work out what treatments can be used, knowing exactly what components are / must be involved.



To decide which of ‘infinite treatment plan options’ would give YOU the best recovery rate in the shortest time, we also work out the ‘hows and whys’ of how YOUR body has ended up right here, right now. There is nobody just like you ! Nobody has had your life, your exact history, your experiences, your exposures.

Where possible, we also figure out why YOUR BODY hasn’t just corrected itself (yes it can do that !) …

Then, if we can, we set about making the ‘adverse’ processes that got you to where you are, all go in reverse… to encourage everything to go back to the point where it (you) could be well, well again, or more well than you are now. Sometimes – and we say this literally – we can simply ‘force a reset’.



The truth is that you don’t need to know any of this – it’s here to read in case you’re interested. The net-net is: IT’S NOT MAGIC ! It may seem like magic. You may think it’s a miracle ! It isn’t. What is miraculous is the extent to which the body retains the capacity to heal, given the right ingredients for a return to health and the right nudges.

That’s you, not us. We’re all science, you’re all miracle.



For anything to change, in Medicine as in Life, there needs to be some ‘give’. The system needs to still have flexibility – like working plasticine. We have to be able to get pathways ‘unstuck’.

Pathways get very stuck if you just keep on and on doing or trying the same things that aren’t working for you. And when you leave it so long that the whole system becomes ‘mega entrenched’ – ‘consolidated’ or ‘set’ – like a door jammed by rusty screws and hinges that nobody’s tried to open for far too long.

So what we are saying is – if you have any problem, no matter how big or how small, no matter how serious or (to anyone else) how trivial, no matter how long you have had it, please don’t sit on it any more. Please don’t leave it too long.

Because the sooner we can help you, the faster we can get you on your way… the more we are likely to be able to do, and the less it will cost for you to get far greater results. And there is nothing Dr Alex wants more than great results for YOU!

Contact Dr Alex right now – all you need to do is start the conversation!

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