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Any and all individuals who have not felt ‘the same’ since they had a COVID-19 infection. The array of problems that people are encountering is dizzying – some localised, some generalised. Some constant, some intermittent. Some easing up after an intervention they heard about in a Group – only to recur.

From our perspective, our capability to help you is vast. Our capacity to treat many, is, though, limited. So if you feel you are ‘doing okay’ on your journey back to health, that’s great, stick with it. If you are not, and you have loads of different things going on, please contact us.

To aid in speeding up the return-to-normal-health of individuals who have had the infection – who may have enduring symptoms consequent of the infection, or effects subsequent to the infection, once they have been given the all-clear.

For example, enduring fatigue – which is common after many types of viral infection, and will dissipate in many, but become a more prolonged problem in others.

For example, ridiculous neurological symptoms interfering with every aspect of life, or some part of it.

For example, altered immune system activity – for example new ‘allergies’ or intolerances, or susceptibility to other infections. This can be because viruses can hijack different facets / factors of the immune response and the profile and ‘settings’ may need to be ‘recalibrated’.

Sounds easy? Treat the fatigue, treat the neurology, treat the immunology? We wish! We hope you’ll get a sense of the realistic, real-world complexity of treating LongCOVID, from the ‘Why Us’ section. Which will also explain why we don’t think any answers will come from any mainstream medical ‘LongCOVID Clinics’ anytime soon. Please read on…

Dr Alex is one of the ONLY doctors worldwide, who is currently capable of treating LongCOVID.

She may indeed be emerging as the World Leader in this field, just as she has been among the global pioneers for successfully treating CFS / ME.

We are not talking about treating ‘one part of it’, like people treating POTS. But treating LONG COVID ITSELF. Within which something like POTS is just a manifestation, a crumb on a bread trail, not a cookie and most certainly not the cake. EDS, same. MCAS, same.

A big claim? You may think so – but it ‘hasn’t come out of nowhere’ and it ‘hasn’t just happened’. Just like the vaccines were produced at lightning speed in ‘just a year’. They weren’t – it was less than a year and three decades before now. Same with us… Please read on.

We have UNIQUE Intellectual Property that enables us to take extremely complex clinical problems, and meet them at their level of complexity, on an individual-by-individual basis.

This is a sophisticated, groundbreaking, systematic and specialized way of generating multi-component answers that exactly fit an individual’s multi-component problem.

It’s based on divergent thinking, multi-dimensional ‘factoring’, deconstructional analysis of everything ‘YOU’, and then a series of TRIANGULATIONS, that enable us to work out what would be the multi-pronged address that will most surely, steadfastly and speedily, get you back to where you came from.

What we are saying is that we already had the answer for LongCOVID before COVID-19 ever existed. A system capable of dealing with any viruses, any consequences, any complexity. If we didn’t, we would need to spend the next 25 years creating it first to help you get better. Gladly that 25 years has already been done. Thus we have solutions: NOW.

LongCOVID is a vastly complex problem. It’s like CFS on steroids. And CFS is a devastating and cruel condition.

Every individual is different. The fact that some people share similarities doesn’t mean there will be some ‘ubiquitous fix’ – like a patch to download for a computer virus. It just means that there are only so many ways that a given virus can cause devastation in the human body. Plus ‘common’ ‘situations’ why Longhaulers aren’t shifting the virus, or the effects of the virus.

For example: ‘the virus is stuck in their cells’. There are infinite compounded variables as to why and how a person has an intra-cellular virus load they can’t clear. There is also extreme amounts of science. No two people will actually be stuck ‘the same’ – but the answers are out there.

So commonalities don’t mean there will be a simple answer! The fact that there are individuals sharing some similarities just means that these are ‘factors in the mix’ – they are not answers. Just like everyone with CFS has intractable fatigue. That is just an observation, a starting point.

Once again we are going the wrong route with LongCOVID treating it as a ‘thing’, an entity of its own, that will no doubt become another dustbin diagnosis. It is a DESCRIPTOR. Like its own ‘GENUS’. Like ‘BROWN HAIR’ as a subset of ‘HUMAN’.

It’s important to mention that almost every person Dr Alex has treated with LongCOVID to date, had something else they didn’t know about, wrong with them already before getting COVID. Or some immunogenomic ‘distortion’ that made Long COVID more likely.

For example, something ‘out’ or ‘permissive’ that was pushing them ‘off course’ physiologically in some way, such that they couldn’t clear COVID or the effects of COVID, or which itself got shaken up by COVID, thereby creating a melee of problems.

For many of them, they, therefore, were unable to mount an appropriate or typical response to COVID as an infection, when they first got it. Often NOT having classic signs or symptoms, or a clinical course different from other people.

And no two people have had anything remotely similar to any other. To that end having a vast level of specialty across and within multiple medical, scientific and clinical disciplines – as an ‘across disciplines’ Medical Doctor – and having all the expertise she has in Specialist Functional Medicine, have also been critical to her success in identifying ‘whatever’ in each individual, as the ultimate root cause. Before even getting started with the consequences (COVID stuck and/or the effects and knock-on effects of COVID).

Dr Alex is a Medical Doctor with a PhD in Immunology, Virology, Molecular Genetics & Pathology.


A > She has developed a landmark system for working with multiple dimensions of human science – as appertains to any given condition – all at the same time:  which ‘opens up’ presentations where treatment options within mainstream medicine are either limited or unavailable – because in the mainstream they’re ‘shrunk down. Minimally adding extra angles for consideration when thinking about how to ‘go about’ their effective management.

B > She has developed a landmark system for treating multi-faceted, multi-component problems like Long COVID: by using science and clinical medicine the opposite way round from mainstream medicine, thereby creating solutions when there are no solutions.

C > She specializes in generating Individual Programmes using an *advanced *scientific base and Naturopathic Medicine (principally herbs and nutraceuticals): which in itself means ‘added’ options, as it is based on clinical science and a special type of medicine that isn’t mainstream.

D > She is a world leader in Naturopathic Anti-Viral and Immune-System-Modulating Medicine: lecturing post-grad professionals worldwide – which is relevant to how we resist viral infections, and how we progress when we have them, and how we recover from them, how that process gets thwarted, as well as to how a virus like COVID-19 does critical damage. All key knowledge for LongCOVID.

Make no mistake about it – there will never be any mainstream medicine that can work on the multiplicity of ‘facets’ of an immunological problem – or an immune system gone skewy in conjunction with other patho-physiology, or any multiple-pathology – like a vastly-researched herb. Ever. By design.

Simply loads of mindblowing science on the immunology of medical conditions, across the entire spectrum from allergy to autoimmunity, and different types of related human challenge, from infectious disease to post-infection fatigue and disability – and virtually no useful mainstream pharma medicines since aspirin and ibuprofen. This is WHY Dr Alex started researching other ways of treating people. The actual SCIENCE is mainstream – from top Research Institutes all over the world. The SOLUTION is specialist naturopathic.

Granted, there have been advances with immunotherapy, but still that isn’t multiplicity – it’s the most beautifully-applied science, fixated on one thing to a very high level of specificity. Great if everyone just had one thing – that one thing – to correct.

Dr Alex’s contribution to your own health status & health prospects may be pivotal – we don’t believe there will be mainstream treatments with higher efficacy, readily-available, anytime soon. Click here to find out why.

If you have any questions, all you need to do is contact us to get started and we will take it from there. 

The aim of your programme needs to be focused, clear and relevant to YOU.

This will depend on many factors – for example, even where you were apparently healthy, before COVID-19, you will have had predispositions. Different individuals with different profiles are likely to react to the infection in different ways.

Different degrees of severity of infection, combined with different types of immune response, can make some people more prone than others to persistent, or low-grade chronic infections (which is a specialty of Dr Alex’s).

Different types of initial response can prime you for different types of outcome. Treatment that you had during your illness may have made a difference – including other medications you were on. And of course, what sorts of symptoms you are getting, and how badly your lung tissue or heart muscle or brain function were affected, among other body systems and sensory functions, may influence how you’re feeling now.

Mostly, though, people we are seeing had a pretty low-key initial infection, without medical treatment or hospitalisation… from which they have never recovered. And many tell us they never imagined they’d still be in this position, up to a year later, in a dire situation, stuck… and often getting worse, with their world closing in on them.

Trust us when we tell you that this is the story of many CFS/ME sufferers – 25 years on. Please don’t let it get to that.

So, in short! We know this LongCOVID is an awful, sometimes horrendous, limiting, debilitating condition affecting every aspect of life from standing to sleeping – making so many basic functions of life and living unbearable or unmanageable.

Some of you will get better, in time. We pray it is all of you. Mostly, though, we find that people who sit on this sort of presentation, denying that they are stuck in it for far too long, end up needing more help for lesser results, that cost more, by which time they absolutely can’t afford it because they can’t work, than if they had come to us as soon as possible.

We want you to be hopeful. But we also beg you to be realistic. If there are green shoots – great! If there aren’t, please don’t wait. We are here to help. Dr Alex is one of the only doctors on the planet who already had a ‘holy-grail’ system for being able to deal with ‘infinite’ individual variables – that’s why what she has created, is New Individual Medicine. And it so happens that viruses, immune systems, molecular events, tissue pathology and chronic fatigue are her specialist areas.

Contact us so we can help you!



Psychological help

Of course many people have found themselves struggling mentally and emotionally with COVID-19. For some it’s the fear of the virus itself, for others the uncertainties surrounding the pandemic. For many there are new and totally unexpected financial concerns.

You may have already had personal challenges which may seem to have become magnified, or which are even forming new preoccupations in your relatively-restricted day.

You may find that you have new mental health issues during the COVID-19 lockdown, because you are not used to being ‘dislocated’ from society, or especially well adapted to it. You may be alone. You may be away from family. For many there are ways to reach out, for others less so. Even as the lockdown is eased and we return to some sort of normality, some people will striggle by the way things have changed.

Our psychotherapeutic interventions tend to be much faster than most systems – if you feel you need a different sort of help to get you past psychological problems that you already had. And we can support you, and help you process and get beyond new struggles, as and when these emerge.

All you have to do is Contact Us.

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