why, what & who for?

Dr Alex is a Medical Doctor with a PhD in Immunology, Virology, Molecular Genetics & Pathology.


A > She has developed a landmark system for generating putative solutions to unprecedented / new clinical problems, and presentations where treatment options within mainstream medicine are either limited or unavailable – minimally adding extra angles for their effective management, where treatment is not a realistic option.

B > She specializes in generating Individual Programmes using an *advanced *scientific base and Naturopathic Medicine (principally herbs and nutraceuticals) – which in itself means ‘added’ options, as it is based on clinical science and a special type of medicine that isn’t mainstream.

C > She is a world leader in Naturopathic Anti-Viral and Immune-System-Modulating Medicine, lecturing post-grad professionals worldwide – which is relevant to how we resist viral infections, and how we progress when we have them, and how we recover from them, as well as to how a virus like COVID-19 does critical damage. All key knowledge during this coronavirus challenge.

All in all we believe that Dr Alex has a unique contribution to make in our collective war against the challenges of COVID-19. Each person contributing to their own strengths, for the benefit of others.

This is NOT in lieu of mainstream medicine, but as an adjunctive clinical service, which we hope will play a part in reducing the burden of consequences for individuals – after infection with COVID.

Dr Alex’s contribution to your own health status & health prospects may be pivotal – until there are mainstream treatments that have higher efficacy, and are readily-available.

Any and all individuals who have not felt ‘the same’ since they had a COVID-19 infection. The array of problems that people are encountering is dizzying – some localised, some generalised. Some constant, some intermittent. Some remedying after an intervention – only to recur. And also persons who already had CFS / ME appear to be (unsurprisingly) more susceptible to the worst ongoing consequences of a C-19 infection.

To aid in speeding up the return-to-normal-health of individuals who have had the infection – who may have enduring symptoms consequent of the infection, or effects subsequent to the infection, once they have been given the all-clear.

For example, enduring fatigue – which is common after many types of viral infection, and will dissipate in many, but become a more prolonged problem in others.

For example, altered immune system activity – for example new ‘allergies’ or intolerances, or susceptibility to other infections. This can be because viruses can hijack different facets / factors of the immune response and the profile and ‘settings’ may need to be ‘recalibrated’.

If you have any questions, all you need to do is contact us to get started and we will take it from there. 

The aim of your programme needs to be focused, clear and relevant to YOU.

This will depend on many factors – for example, even where you were apparently healthy, before COVID-19, you will have had predispositions. Different individuals with different profiles are likely to react to the infection in different ways. Different degrees of severity of infection, combined with different types of immune response, can make some people more prone than others to persistent, or low-grade chronic infections (which is a specialty of Dr Alex’s).

Different types of initial response can prime you for different types of outcome. Treatment that you had during your illness may have made a difference – including other medications you were on. You may have already had CFS/ME and/or a concurrent infection with a different bug that may have affected how your immune response or COVID-19 behaved. You may have had ‘co-morbidities’ – other illnesses. And so on.

And of course what sorts of symptoms you are getting, and how badly your lung tissue or heart muscle or brain function were affected, among other body systems and sensory functions, may influence how you’re feeling now

Dr Alex is one of the only doctors on the planet who already had a ‘holy-grail’ system for being able to deal with ‘infinite’ individual variables – that’s why what she has created, is New Individual Medicine. And it so happens that viruses, immune systems, molecular events, tissue pathology and chronic fatigue are her specialist areas.

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AIMING TO REDUCE THE RISK OF DEVELOPING #LongCOVID, after infection with COVID, in individuals at risk

Psychological help

Of course many people have found themselves struggling mentally and emotionally with COVID-19. For some it’s the fear of the virus itself, for others the uncertainties surrounding the pandemic. For many there are new and totally unexpected financial concerns.

You may have already had personal challenges which may seem to have become magnified, or which are even forming new preoccupations in your relatively-restricted day.

You may find that you have new mental health issues during the COVID-19 lockdown, because you are not used to being ‘dislocated’ from society, or especially well adapted to it. You may be alone. You may be away from family. For many there are ways to reach out, for others less so. Even as the lockdown is eased and we return to some sort of normality, some people will striggle by the way things have changed.

Our psychotherapeutic interventions tend to be much faster than most systems – if you feel you need a different sort of help to get you past psychological problems that you already had. And we can support you, and help you process and get beyond new struggles, as and when these emerge.

All you have to do is Contact Us.

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