Dr Alex’s uniqueness is in treating THE TRIAD of domains that affect physical health:

                      1>  BIO-CHEMICAL Domain
                      2> PSYCHOGENIC Domain
                      3> STRUCTURAL Domain


Dr Alex’s Physical Medicine

This is an interesting area of Dr Alex’s work – because Dr Alex is not a ‘physical therapist’. However despite that, Physical Therapists refer patients to Dr Alex that they are struggling to treat to their satisfaction, and she does a great job of ‘fixing’ them…. often in conjunction with that same Physical Therapist.

Of course it is all about playing to our unique strengths. Dr Alex and Physical Therapists know different things to very high levels. Within Dr Alex’s armoury, we have ‘New Medicine,  which can bring a new edge to the treatment of physical issues.

‘New Medicine’ is about the individual and their biography. It involves a knowledge of how and why our bodies can reflect our personal history.

The science underpinning New Medicine understands that the Human Being is set up to operate as a WHOLE – and to adapt, and react, to his/her environment (internal and external) in specific, inter-connected ways.

This involves complex mind-body and body-mind pathways, and dynamic bio-chemical – bio-structural inter-connections.

Typically Physical Therapists have known this for many years – but there is a huge difference between knowing something exists, and knowing how to deal with it at an extremely advanced level. That is what Dr Alex can bring to the table.

If we accept that there is inter-connectivity, then we must also accept that any element of what is involved in the process of whole-ism can go wrong. And therefore treating an affected element may involve diverse components, remote and distinct from the problem, and many clinical disciplines.




While most people would not probably imagine that their physical problem is grounded in bio-chemistry, nonetheless it very often is !

The tendency is to think of muscles and bones and so on as ‘inanimate objects’ – and yet they are structurally very dynamic, and as such reflect the biological parameters, biochemical limitations, nutritional deficiencies and metabolic drifts of your body.

Often an individual has no awareness of any biological ‘aberrations’, then presents with a physical problem. It could be a change of skin tension – equally it could be a change of FASCIAL tension and suddenly they are limping around with heel pain.

Understanding the biochemistry of the body, and being able to investigate and treat aberrations, is a massive speciality in its own right.

Dr Alex routinely works with every relevant aspect of biochemistry as a key component of New Medicine, where there is a huge focus on Specialised Personal Biochemistry (the molecules and building blocks) and Bio-physiology (the relevant systems eg hormonal, metabolic).

So you will be in good hands !


cannot be overstated. People are aware that they can use their minds to ‘push past’ almost any physical limitations they are experiencing. And they often do, because we live in a world where we are expected, and indeed encouraged, to bust through our physical ceilings. To get by without sleep, and push on. To rush around our place of work, without lunch. Or breakfast. To peddle faster, to lift heavier and heavier weights, to be superman/woman. And we do this – until we can’t. And then we are told ‘to get some rest’.

The very fact that you can make your body operate ‘beyond threshold’ at a physical level, via your will, outside of your sensible limits, in itself tells you the extent to which the brain and body are inter-connected, dynamically, and ‘neurally’ and the degree to which our brain is involved.

There is second-by-second moderation by our brain of our body – on a molecular level, in terms of how our ‘body systems’ operate, critical in terms of how our structural elements are ‘serviced’ by bio-molecules and body systems (the fuel)… and in terms of how our structural elements operate, at every level of their function – as broad brushstrokes of structural operation, and as refined movements (the vehicle). Both of these domains are dictated by the brain.

All of which is about our brain being masterful, so that our structural body is ‘optimised’, made ‘just right’, for ‘how things are’ in our own individual environment….

Your brain may also be moderating the body not by how things ARE – but by HOW YOU PERCEIVE things to be, or HOW YOU TELL YOUR BODY THAT IT IS (whether it is or isn’t). And also if you are depressed or feeling vulnerable, anxious or feeling troubled, angry etc in a way that has wrongly created a master-status in your brain, these will be contaminating your brain’s regulation of your body.

The point of the connection between your brain and body, is to enable and nourish, and operationally manage, both the globalising movements that allow your body to work as a whole – along with your brain – and in terms of your nuanced functions, in service of your particular individual purpose.

Given that, what do you think happens if we abuse the system?! Or if there is ‘stuff; contaminating the ‘settings’? There is a cost to that – a part of it involves biology, and that biology is, at the highest level, also governed by your brain. A part of it involves the brain itself.

For example, if you use your forced will and brainpower to push on, you are repeatedly encoding and miscoding how imperative things are, relative to actual demand.

The chaos of all these random messages accumultaes, and becomes entrenched in your brain…and your brain’s clarity as to what is and isn’t important in different situations – and to what extent, and why –  becomes contaminated and skewed.

Your resources are then marshalled – or not marshalled – without great refinement, because you have overwhelmed your brain with wrongful assertions, consciously or sub-consciously. You will have wrongfully re-educated the brain as to how to dictate your body works in different situations, and to what extent, with different demands.

The grand design of ‘optimisation’ is lost. And of course: your muscles, bones and connective tissue start to pay. You may get mal-alignment, rigidity, stiffness, wonkiness, wear and tear, ripping, reactions and inflammation, inability to properly relax, inability to stay standing up, increasing debilitation, increasing disability….

Please note that there is a challenging version of this with psychological or physical trauma. How this affects your structural components will depend on many factors (what trauma? when? what were the consequences? was it physical psychological or both? was this repeated or once off? does it trigger frequently? etc).

For all this you HAVE TO fix it at the level of the BRAIN, brain to body, in terms of bio-systems, in terms of how the brain dictates bio-chemistry and bio-physiology, and locally at the level of the structural elements themselves.

Put simply, Dr Alex can work with each and every one of these domains to dissipate and reset the codings and how it is all working, including resetting your brain…. whereas mostly other professionals can’t. This may add value in your overall system of treatment and care. If Dr Alex can be of help, please do get in touch !

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Dr Alex spent many years developing a way of systematically addressing the STRUCTURAL domain of physical issues from different angles.

This fits with her ethos for how she approaches all issues – using a specialised multi-disciplinary, multi-faceted approach. In other words, making sure she leaves no stone un-turned ! Not looking at Human Issues as if they are one uniform blob – but rather tackling them as intricate puzzles involving many possible components.

Because otherwise we would simply be replicating the Blob Approach that has failed us with Mainstream Medicine… and Dr Alex’s ‘New Medicine’ would offer nothing new !

And she regards the Structural Domain of Physical Issues to have two seperate major sub-domains:

1 > The STRUCTURAL ELEMENTS themselves – the actual Physical Structure

2 > The PHYSIOLOGICALLY-DYNAMIC elements which influence the ‘integrity’ – the ‘inter-connectedness’ – of structural function.

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The PHYSICAL STRUCTURE of an individual is the Muscles, Bones, Connective Tissue and so on.

Physical therapists spend many many years learning how to work with the structural elements of the Physical Person – and then their professional lives becoming masters at manipulating and alleviating them. But just these elements.

They generally do not know how to treat the Bio-Chemical and Psychogenic Domains of Physical Issues, or the Physiological Components of Structural Wellebing (please see below). That is what Dr Alex has in her armoury when she comes to treat patients with physical problems.

Dr Alex gladly accepts referrals from Physical Therapists (as they do from her). She often refers patients back to their Physical Therapist for their more expert ’tissue release’ work, once she has added her own input, if necessary.

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Dr Alex identifies ‘dynamic elements’ to physical issues and has refined her work with them.

So if the physical structure is like the wheels, bonnet, bumper and chassis etc of a car, the dynamic elements are everything else that makes the car structure MOVE ERGONOMICALLY as a unit…. not in terms of ‘command’, but in terms of CONTROL.

In high-performance cars there are many systems involved in making certain of a smooth and beautiful journey. Say traction, braking refinements for ice and on bends, fuel injection, optimal fuel consumption and so on. The stuff that makes for a non-juddery, energetically-economical and safe journey when trying to get from A to B.

In the Human Body, these are the PHYSIOLOGICAL ELEMENTS of the Structural Body.
Dr Alex has identified, researched and focused on these in her own Physical Work:

1 > Neuroanatomy, Neurology, Applied Neurology
2 > Neuro-psychology and Neuro-biology
3 > Lymphatics, and Neuro-lymphatics (NL)
4 > Vascular, and Neuro-vascular components (NV)
5 > Cerebro-spinal components (space, receptors, fluid etc) – (CSF)
6 > Autonomic Nervous System function (~AMC).

These are the elements that reflect the WHOLE-ISM & INDIVIDUAL BIOGRAPHY ethos of New Medicine.

They represent the key means by which there is fast, direct, dynamic yet nuanced communicatIon of the ‘micro-settings’ needed for the Individual to be Whole, work as a Whole, and for there to be supported ‘effector function’ (activity and output control) that properly reflects the Individual as a Whole Being, in alignment with their internal and external environments.

This also incorporates some elements of Applied Kinaesiology.

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Dr Alex’s Treatment of Physical Conditions

From all of this you will have realised that, in treating your physical condition:

1 > Dr Alex’s work brings to the table the entire science / know-how involved in treating YOU AS A WHOLE AND INDIVIDUAL PERSON – fully aware that nothing to do with you occurs in a compartment

2 > In her assessment of you and in her work, there is the clear understanding that you have a HISTORY – and that your personal history, of all your days upon this earth, can be deeply embedded in your tissues, psyche and biochemistry in extremely complex ways that need to be uncovered and resolved.

If you have a really simple physical problem, Dr Alex may not be your first port of call.

However if you have a more complex condition that is part of a spectrum of problems, or for which you have not been able to get relief via ‘pure’ physical therapy, then there may be additional domains involved which Dr Alex would gladly discuss and work through with you.



Please note that Dr Alex also accepts referrals from Physical Therapists who appreciate that their patient has a bio-chemical and/or psychogenic component that needs to be addressed.

Many Physical therapists cross-refer when they find that their treatment of a given patient creates physical gains, but these ‘just won’t hold’. Because there are ‘contaminants’ in the mix that also need to be addressed.

Dr Alex works with many of these people by phone or via web-work – in which case she focuses on the domains she can tackle remotely through e-consultations, while liaising with the Referring Professional, who will continue the physical therapy alongside.

If you want to know more, all you have to do is ask !

Are you ready to get started?

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