How can we treat Long COVID, when mainstream services are currently so poor for so much of it?

There are so many problems that are complex, tricky, and not treated well in mainstream medicine – and we believe that LongCOVID is, and always will be, one of those conditions.

Dr Alex is a Medical Doctor, feels proud and honoured to be an MD, and she loves medicine, mainstream included. Mainstream medicine is critical so often. And it’s necessary in so many situations, and some of the developments are ingenious, especially more recently. But in Dr Alex’s view, while mainstream medicine may help with some SYMPTOMS of Long COVID, it’s not very helpful for the very FABRIC of the condition.

And that’s for fundamental reasons which reflect the medical paradigm as it stands in the mainstream. We want to explain more, so that you can decide whether to wait on the eventual emergence (or not) of mainstream solutions, or get help now.

Mainstream medicine is based on something called ‘standardisation’. Which is about ‘treating everyone as if they’re the same’ – in the expectation that you will get the same result for all people. To try and achieve that, the mainstream model will devise interventions that target ‘a singular unit’ that is unlikely to vary much between people, on the presupposition that a) everyone who has X drug will get Y effects and b) that X drug, generating Y effects, can help with condition Z.

That works for sure where that singular unit is indeed pivotal to the condition, and the condition is indeed amenable to the specific effects of drugs/interventions. It doesn’t work where a condition involves a multiplicity of complex interconnected pathways that are somehow ‘out’, and which often keep changing.

So for mainstream medicine think of targeting a nail. You invent a hammer. Then you go ‘when hammer hits nail – you get this vibration and that helps eg 35% of people with condition Z, 40% of the time’ and it becomes the tool of choice for that condition. Even if it only improves symptoms for a small fraction of people, for a tiny part of the time, and by say 5%.

The DEFICIENCY (shortfall) comes from the fact that, in focusing on the nail so that you can ‘standardise’ and treat everyone the same, you ignore the rest of the whole house. Each house is vastly different. But mainstream medicine doesn’t ‘do’ whole houses, and can’t do variability – it’s predicated on ‘sameness’ and the assumption of ‘sameness’. In some houses, that nail isn’t even there. In other houses it may be a different type of nail, or that nail may not have anything to do with why something is ‘off’. Many different components may need addressing. And the nail in question might also be holding something else up, that risks being more compromising to the whole house.

Mainstream medicine and pharma do have their purpose – a million-fold – just not in wonky whole house problems or where the problem elements are not the same in different people, or treating one dimension isn’t enough to create meaningful change. Every ‘house’ is vastly different in the case of Long COVID – and several different facets need to be treated at once to successfully ‘right’ or ‘recalibrate’ the system.

The way mainstream medicine ‘does things’ is based on convergent thinking. It reduces everything down – like the whole of YOU – to a dot, then treats the dot. It looks like this:

Our medicine is based on divergent thinking. So where mainstream medicine shrinks everything right down, we open things right up.

The reason we can treat LongCOVID is because our medicine is unique. In the way that we treat it, we are also unique. We don’t want that to be the case, but in so far as actually treating LONG COVID, as a WHOLE ENTITY, STRATEGICALLY, SYSTEMATICALLY, INDIVIDUALLY and with SPECIALISED SCIENCE is concerned, sadly we think we are.

Our medicine is more like – look at the whole wonky house. Analyse every millimetre of it. Pin down all the things that aren’t right. Investigate further. Work out how they all sit together. Create a ‘weighting’ that will tell us what is propping ‘the whole thing up’ as ‘a whole problem’, plus what’s co-incidental, consequential, compensating for something else, likely to come right if you fix something else etc. Work out what the minimal number of steps would be to create the most ‘righting’ and ‘repair’ (which threads to pull). Set to work.

The setting to work bit is a massive other domain. Gargantuan. How we use the science of what’s known to work out what to do, and how we work out what’s most likely to work for that individual…

When you work with us, we create something that looks a bit like the picture below left – but for pathways and biology for the whole body… We explore everything… and generate something of a ‘heat-map’, whereby some domains are red and others orange etc, showing us what to treat foremostly, and to what extent.

These are biological pathways and systems which tell us where your own biology is most adrift. A pathway can often link disparate body regions – and thereby seemingly separate symptoms can be connected. There may be stand-out molecular distortions and bio-markers, all of which need addressing… to a greater or lesser degree… plus all the inter-connections between.

You can see how no two people will ‘look the same’ to us:

The mainstream medical model is more like the picture on the right. Where it’s all  shades of grey and darkness. Mainstream medicine homes in on a tiny fraction of everything, not representative of the whole, and can’t positively affect any other areas of grey.

For us, two different people with the same condition, are each unique and individual. Usually not even similar. Vaguely recognizable, as ‘within the same genre’, given they have the same condition… but just because the condition has the same name, doesn’t mean that the solution will be the same, sometimes not even vaguely.

And we can tell you this: the more difficult a complex condition like LongCOVID is to treat in the mainstream arena, the greater the likelihood that our next LongCOVID Patient won’t resemble anyone else we’ve seen with the condition’ so far. In terms of complexity, LongCOVID takes the biscuit.

LongHaulers who are (understandably) sifting through research highlighting singular discoveries in science that may help them, also tend to miss the fact that there are ‘innumerable things’ that have to be treated functionally and all at once for there to be any sustainable gains towards LongCOVID recovery.

There’s something else that’s important here.

Mainstream medicine is focused on  pathology – looking for diseased tissue, for example, diseased heart, fibrosed lung tissue etc. Which is radically different from us, as we are focused on  patho-physiology and functional deviations that can still, in theory, be ameliorated because they are not organically diseased.

It is because Long COVID is a FUNCTIONAL condition that people find that their symptoms keep changing. And it’s also why you keep getting normal test results using the mainstream model.

If however, you leave it long enough, the situation may consolidate and it may become pathological over time. That’s why we want to help you as soon as possible.

We do extensive upfront TRIAGE work FOR FREE – other professionals would turn that into a consultation, but we genuinely want to help. We never take a patient if we can’t see how to add value. We will ask you questions, via email, and if it is a presentation we know we can work with, we will quote for your Programme, if you so wish.

Because we have such a sophisticated system, and so much experience treating complex, multi-system, highly-variable, fluid functional conditions, we know from the outset if we can help.

And we want to help!

For CFS/ME, Dr Alex was one of the Research Team that discovered the first confirmation of absolute non-cognitive (muscle metabolism!) changes back starting in 1991. It’s difficult to swallow, in 2021, that in the mainstream, CFS/ME is still not treated to any great effect. And because of that, in turn, is often ‘dissed’ by the medical establishment.

We don’t want to see Long COVID people waiting for a mainstream solution that may never be forthcoming, in the same way.

It isn’t a coincidence that Dr Alex was so well-equipped for the LongCOVID challenge – she was training up for it even during her BSc and PhD. You have Dr Alex’s extensive training, commitment, and results – spanning decades – as your best assurance. 

When conditions present very diversely because you are UNIQUE, and several elements of the condition vary or change about, or are hard to pin down….  such that your UNIQUE PRESENTATION is a challenge that is not the exact same as other people’s with the same diagnosis, then you need a different approach for your unique, dynamic, complex, multi-pixel problems.

And we are unique, in being able to work with that UNIQUENESS.


If you have any questions, all you need to do is contact us to get started and we will take it from there. 



Extra considerations

Now you may also find that you struggle mentally and emotionally with COVID-19. Personal challenges you already had may seem amplified as you cease to have so much to preoccupy your mind and fill your day. You may find that you have new mental health issues during the COVID-19 lockdown, or even as the lockdown is eased and we return to some sort of normality.

We can provide our unique psychotherapeutic interventions – to help you get past psychological problems that you already had. And we can support you, and help you process and get beyond new struggles.

If we can help you in any way, please Contact Us.

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