Absolutely nothing!!

We are NOT making any claims – this is a new disease & we won’t know the success of anyone’s efforts until ‘after the fact’.

To be clear, our approach, as with many other interventions – including governmental – in this situation, is entirely speculative. Well not ‘entirely’, and not ‘speculative’ – because, for everyone involved in this gargantuan collective effort, it is science-informed, just not prove-able as of clinical value and whole-population-value in the specific case of COVID-19 and the COVID-19 Pandemic, in advance of-the-fact.

Trust in leadership

Most of the professionals currently engaged in leading all national, regional and local efforts – both governmentally and medically – are also providing information that is speculative, and ‘solutions’ founded on prior experience and insight that may or may not apply to COVID-19.

It’s best guess for everyone leading the charge against this disease – but based on all available science, and best-possible-interpretation and -extrapolation from that science, same as for us. In the end it reflects their experience and expertise, to a large extent.

Inevitably, for all such leaders, what you need to ask yourself is whether you trust the professionals involved, whether you are confident that they are the individuals best placed to advise, guide and indeed dictate, the shape and form of any interventions and measures put in place to counter the ‘ravages’ of this infection.

And in the case of our own contribution, you have Dr Alex’s extensive training, commitment, and results, spanning decades, and professional reputation as your best assurance. Only you can decide is that is enough for you, at this time, in deciding whether you wish to engage in a Dr Alex Preparedness Programme – because we do not and will not state categorically that we can do what we intend to do. Just as government officials are also not being categorical in what they are saying.

Mechanism-Driven Approaches:

The science Dr Alex uses is always very well-established. When approaching a new problem, the actual mechanisms at play may already be extremely highly researched as mechanisms (ie known pathways, with science spanning decades).

What we are targetting is not necessarily pathways that are deployed solely by C19 itself, or just relevant to virus-mediated disease/health outcomes. The body only has so many pathways – the science is there for virtually all of them. And we have been waiting to find out which ones are most relevant to COVID-19, before launching this initiative.

And yet we can make it specific. Let’s explain this more, below.

Treating the cause vs treating the effects:

In any clinical setting – mainstream or specialist naturopathic – we rarely target/treat the *precise cause of the ill-health presentation (ie the COVID-19 in this case).

In mainstream medicine, clinically, we usually treat the effects (the adverse impact on you). The effects are usually ‘generic’ (true to many causes).

In our medicine we can go one step closer. Because it is entirely possible to use a vast base of science that is specifically-relevant to COVID-19 – because the clinical science of C19 is now telling us so…

… while simultaneously having generic solutions which we can call on from another huge reservoir of science, with well-established interventions known to affect those specific pathways. 

That is more specific than ‘generic approaches’ in mainstream medicine. That is not some statement that it’s ‘better’ – not at all. Again, mainstream medicine may well be saving your life in this pandemic – there is no substitute.

But it’s slightly different.

Generic vs Specific Ways of Treating

Let’s take a slight detour from COVID-19 for a moment.

> In the mainstream we might see, clinically, for example, ‘inflammation’ and use one or two classes of drug to target that inflammation.

> In our medicine, we look at the EXACT pathways that are causing that inflammation in a given individual – either:

1. By testing, or
2. Because we know from the precise clinical profile – and from the science that already exists for that profile, which tells us what pathways are involved, or
3. Because we know from the causative agent (eg specific virus) or action (eg injury), what specific pathways are involved.

And then we would select the agent that would best address the changes that were made in that specific pathway of inflammation (in this example), that resulted in this precise clinical profile.

Which is both generic and specific – albeit that sounds like a contradiction. It is generic because can be true to many causes, but specific to the disease, disease profile, and/or individual.

How can we increase the specificity yet further? Triangulation…

Now we can get even closer still. Because we can also ‘triangulate’. If you look at 2. and 3. above, you can see that we can deduce what to treat and how to treat with great certainty when 2. and 3. ‘triangulate’.

That is to say, when the pathways that are highlighted as being relevant to a disease process generally, are also the same pathways that are relevant to a causative agent (or to the worst possible outcomes associated with a causative agent).

Which happens more often than you might initially think. Because the very reason why a certain disease profile makes an individual more susceptible to the worst ravages of a given causative agent (eg COVID-19), is that the agent adversely affects the very pathway that is involved in the individual’s pre-existing health condition.

The mainstream:

Largely (with one notable exception, to our best knowledge), COVID-19 mainstream efforts are not using any science specific to COVID-19 in seeking to find those all-essential mass-useable-pharma products – for example, anti-virals – that work.  That is the model of redundancy that mainstream medicine generally uses. Lots of science is generated that never ‘turns into anything new pharmaceutically’.

So what we mean by that in the case of COVID-19, is that mainstream interventional-scientists and clinicians are not currently sitting down and working out how, for example, to block the specific receptors used by COVID-19 to gain entry to the cells. In this instance, that is the right approach! That is because the development-lag to generate a therapeutic ‘solution’, is too long, and help is needed for mass intervention right NOW.

Instead the mainstream clinicians are currently working, with great and unprecedented efficiency, to conduct multi-centre trials of existing anti-virals, and indeed an anti-malarial, that have been taken ‘off-the-shelf’. That is the right thing to do, for mainstream medicine, in this case – and that time-efficient approach may save your life.

Mostly, any intervention you receive in mainstream medicine will be generic. That is to say that the fact that a ‘bad clinical turn’ of one sort or another, is caused by COVID-19 per se, will be irrelevant. For generic situations where, for example, potent mediators are required to reduce inflammation within the hospital setting, mainstream medicine again uses established drugs highly-proven to be effective for that – not ‘anti-inflammatories that have been specifically-devised for COVID-19-mediated inflammation’.

Dr Alex’s New Medicine:

For us, the situation is different – that is why we can add something EXTRA. We will look specifically at the mechanisms that COVID-19 appears to be using to:

a) gain entry to the host, and
b) create the devastation it does – and the worst clinical outcomes.

Most likely, there will not be anything we can find to counter a), even putatively, once that science is better available, but we will see what science emerges and look laboriously at what is already known. There are though other interesting angles involving the receptors.

For b), however, the devastation is based on mechanisms which are extremely well-researched in science, and for which we may find generic putative ‘solutions’. The reason those propositions may work well is because we (increasingly) know that COVID-19 uses them.

Where the aim is:
c) to reduce the burden of exsiting ill-health pre-infection (as above),

there is a vast amount of science relevant to how we tackle established disease, because for decades scientists and clinicians have laboured to generate that science. Only an infinitessimally-minute fraction of the enormity of that science will ever influence anything that is generated for actual clinical gain in mainstream medicine. That’s huge redundancy. But we already use it.

Where we can again step in, here, now – is to:

> To use the existing base of ‘patho-physiological (mechanistic) science’ of your own disease (ie that is putting you at increased risk with COVID-19)

> To look to deliberately

This requires that we determine that that specific science, and those exact mechanisms, are very likely to be relevant to YOU as an individual. And relevant to how well you are likely to fare in the event of a COVID-19 infection.

Which is a highly-specialised and time-consuming exercise in ‘match-making’ between YOU and the SCIENCE – which is why this is not a mass solution, and why we need mainstream medicine always, especially because we don’t anyway focus on what medicine can already do really well.

Mainstream medicine is essential!

Never more so than now. Again we emphasise that we do not cover what mainstream medicine already covers, and covers so very well, not even when there is ‘time’ – and much of what you may suffer, regrettably, will be acute and may risk your life without the appropriate timely (ie rapid) mainstream help. Make no mistake.

To be 100% clear we are also absolutely NOT happy to – and will not – work with anyone who thinks that working with us allows them to relax on any other measures that have been deemed necessary by their doctors, by government officials, or other crucial parties.


Working with Dr Alex:

This is ADDED help, based on our best judgement of how we can help uniquely, beyond what is already in place, and what else is in play, to help people get through this.

We also cannot and do not claim to be able to protect you from acquiring the infection – but we hope we can offer guidance that might make an impact with regards the size of the initial innoculum, and debunk some of the circulating myths, and possibly add in individually-targetted measures that may help.

The good news is that the science of COVID-19 is now becoming increasingly available – though we are still at the start of our trajectory – to combine with the vast base of science that already exists about specific immune system modulations & treating underlying ‘co-morbidity’ using various treatment approaches.

If you have any questions, all you need to do is contact us to get started and we will take it from there. 

AIM: To reduce the risk of severe infection
in standard-risk individuals

AIM: To reduce the risk of severe infection in
individuals who are at high risk

AIM: To reduce the existing burden/improve control of diseases which may place you at increased risk with COVID-19



Extra considerations

Now you may also find that you struggle mentally and emotionally with COVID-19. Personal challenges you already had may seem amplified as you cease to have so much to preoccupy your mind and fill your day. You may find that you have new mental health issues during the COVID-19 lockdown, or even as the lockdown is eased and we return to some sort of normality.

We can provide our unique psychotherapeutic interventions – to help you get past psychological problems that you already had. And we can support you, and help you process and get beyond new struggles.

If we can help you in any way, please Contact Us.

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