About Dr Alex

Dr Alex Concorde
BSc(Hons), MBBS(Lond), PhD, MSc(FPsych), MBA

Dr Alex is a unique professional who has created a whole new system of Medicine and Psychology which, by design, can be effective when other approaches have been inadequate or unsuccessful – ‘New Paradigm Medicine‘ and ‘New Individual-Paradigm Psychology‘.

Dr Alex is passionate about Medicine. Dr Alex is passionate about People. And she believes that our patients should also be able to benefit from the enormous value of Naturopathic, Functional & Lifestyle Medicine which can address 60-100% of factors relevant to chronic ill-health. So as a spin-off of her own landmark advancements, Dr Alex has also radically evolved these Individual-Orientated Medicines, using her R&D Project to take them to a whole new level.

Applied to Psychology, Dr Alex’s 25-year-long R&D Project into ‘how to best use’ ‘all available Wisdom, Knowledge & Science’, has resulted in her capacity to work in a profound new way with the Self, Mind & Brain to obtain results that other forms of psychotherapy, interventional and developmental psychology are unlikely to achieve, or are not likely to achieve as quickly*.

So if you need ‘more’ or ‘something else’, Dr Alex works as a Specialist Independent Medical Consultant / Specialist Naturopathic Physician and Ground-breaking Psychotherapist with Patients from all over the world. 

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Dr Alex Concorde is a London-trained Medical Doctor who is both GMC (General Medical Council)- and GNC (General Naturopathic Council)- Registered.

She is the Founder of the Institute for Individual, Mind-Body & Biographical Medicine, a Founding Member of The British Society for Integrative Oncology, Fellow of The Royal Society of Medicine, Fellow of The Chartered Management Institute, and has Memberships in Clinical PNI/PNE, Neuro-Immunomodulation, Microbiology, Applied Bio-Physiology, Biochemistry, Nutritional Medicine, Cellular Biology, Molecular Genetics, Applied Psychology and Positive Psychology.

She also holds an Honours BSc in Biochemistry and Nutritional Medicine, a Masters in Psychology, and a (unprecedented) PhD in four different disciplines – Virology, Pathology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics – as part of 25-years of University Degree & Post-Graduate Training, resulting in her specialism in Complex Multi-pathic / Multi-disciplinary / Multi-modality Medicine.

Dr Alex has been awarded ‘Top UK Therapist‘ & ‘Top 50 Wellbeing Guru‘ (London Evening Standard). She is an international keynote speaker, & mentors major healthcare strategists worldwide. She has been featured in every major UK national newspaper, & was the sole Health Professional cited in a special Sunday Times publication called ‘The Future’.

Dr Alex was also the only General Medical Doctor honoured to receive an invitation to a one-off event for ‘British Innovators in Science & Medicine’ at Buckingham Palace, hosted by H.M. The Queen – attended by the likes of Beagle 2 & Rosetta Scientist, Colin Billinger, & Theoretical Physicist, Professor Stephen Hawking.



The most important thing to know about Dr Alex is: people’s anguish in the face of ill-health – of Body or Mind – really motivates her to ‘try harder’, to ‘strive for more’.


Driven from a young age to want to ‘improve medicine’ following the tragic death of her own Mother, she has held a steadfast motivation to pursue a vocation aimed at easing human suffering.

Dr Alex has always had an unusual brain – as a youngster this was both a blessing and (a bit of) a curse, but as an adult it became rather useful! There are around 300,000 Doctors registered in the UK, over 1 million in the USA, and plenty more throughout Europe. And given that she can think things through ‘differently’, she really didn’t see much point dedicating herself to offering more of what is already available.

Dr Alex has powered on through significant personal adversity to use her ‘own brain-power’ to her best ability, to bring something new to the world… while also undertaking a lot of formal training – self-funded from an incredibly young age – to simultaneously become one of the most highly-educated women globally.

The Wellcome Trust honoured her with their first ever Integrated UK MD/PhD Studentship following an international recruitment campaign looking for ‘a certain class of divergent thinker’. From that point on, she has been trained and developed to be capable of revolutionising medicine and healthcare.

On an international level, Dr Alex has been able to ‘make waves’ by being fortunate enough to be a SCIENTIST, and an INNOVATOR, and a STRATEGIST – providing her with capacity to contribute to strategic innovation in health.

But on a personal level, when working with YOU, she remains singularly motivated by her wish to ‘try harder’ to give YOU a better life, and better health, through better options.

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Dr Alex started her professional life learning / gaining experience in each of the clinical disciplines in mainstream medicine – and was lucky enough to study, work with, and work under, some of the Top Medical Consultants in London, in both the clinical arena and the clinical research arena. Immediately thereafter, she first focused on developing a new form of Specialist Multi-disciplinary Medicine – which works across rather than within clinical specialties.

Alongside she came to understand the crucial role of psychology in medicine – for example, of stress in disease. Indeed she knew all about that intrinsically from childhood. So Dr Alex realised that she also needed to transfer her ‘new way’ of ‘doing’ medicine, to be able to work with the Mind & Brain using the same principles and algorithms.

But obviously the Mind and the Body are inter-connected – which is of course also crucial to the way that stress influences disease. And treating the Mind and/or the Body is not the same thing as treating them ‘Mind to Body’ or indeed ‘Body to Mind’.

Dr Alex also realised that the wealth of science known as ‘psycho-neuroimmunology’ (PNI – Mind > Body > Immunity) and ‘psycho-neuroendocrinology’ (PNE – Mind > Body > Hormones) was not being used constructively and scientifically, to any significant degree. So she also set about working out ‘what was missing’ in the vital understanding of this massive field of science, that had limited it’s valuable application to the huge domain of medicine where it is relevant. Indeed as far as we know, she is the only clinician who has really worked this out.

This is how it came to be that Dr Alex is a world leader in several different fields of clinical work, medical and psychological, mind/body and mind-body.

The key and most important point being that she has left no stone un-turned in her quest to add value in healthcare in a unique and meaningful waymotivated by her wish to help people, help patients, help individuals. By learning and developing the treatment of any aspect of health in a way that removes the ‘silos’ that exist in healthcare, whereby you see one professional then another in a totally disjointed way. And with each get a ringfenced view of your problem within their singular area of appreciation of ill-health and disease, without their appreciation of all the other areas.

All of this, to be able to treat YOU when you turn up to see her. And all you have to do is let her know where you’re at and what you need!

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Dr Alex has University Degree/Masters/Doctoral Training in Medicine, Business, Psychology, Forensics, Criminology, Physiology, Immunology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Virology, Pathology & Nutritional Medicine.

Her Alma Mater is Imperial College, London – ranked within the Top 10 of Universities in the WORLD. And she has undertaken training both in the UK and the USA.

She was selected & funded by The Wellcome Trust to be the first UK Doctor deliberately developed/trained to be capable of fundamentally rethinking the landscape of science, clinical science &/or medicine.

She has a First Class Degree with Honours, and secured The University of London BSc Prize.

Dr Alex was the first UK Professional to qualify with a Medical Doctorate & a PhD in the same year.

Her PhD was the first PhD designed to qualify in any of four separate disciplines (Molecular Genetics, Microbiology, Immunology, Pathology).

She studied two MBAs (‘Business’ – majoring in Strategy, and Creativity, Innovation & Change – and ‘Healthcare + Life Sciences’). Her business MBA is one of a handful of MBAs with International Triple-Accreditation.

She was a Distinction Student in Medicine, Psychology & Business.

As a Clinical Research Scientist she achieved Awards working on projects funded by individual research grants/charities including The British Heart Foundation, The Arthritis Research Council (Prize Sponsorship), The Wellcome Trust (Prize Studentship), Wellcome Foundation/GSK & Nuffield Foundation.

Lesser-known factoid: Dr Alex is also a Qualified Dispenser,  trained by Boots The Chemists Ltd & The University of Nottingham.

Importantly, she has more than 25-years of study & 20-years’ practice of Herbal & Nutritional Medicine, Functional Medicine, Natural Medicine, and Naturopathic Medicine.

Dr Alex is a Pioneer & World Leader in the psychological + clinical applications of Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), Psychoneuroendocrinology (PNE), Clinical PNEI & Neurobiology (generically known as ‘Specialist Mind-Body Medicine’ – which vastly understates the degree to which this is more specialised than what people usually call ‘mind-body medicine’).

She is a qualified Trainer & Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

NB Inspired by some tenets and insights of NLP, and ‘New Code NLP’, Dr Alex developed her ground-breaking ‘Structural Psycho-neurology’ and ‘Linguistic Psycho-neurology’. These are based on up-to-date neuro-psychology and neuro-science, are far more advanced than NLP, and don’t involve ‘programming’.

Dr Alex is a qualified Trainer & Master Practitioner of Hypnosis; Hypnotherapist & Clinical Hypnotherapist.

NB Dr Alex has also developed new approaches to working with the ‘unconscious mind’ directly, without the formal induction of ‘trance’, while conversing dynamically with the patient in their full awareness. Please see below.

She is a qualified Master Practitioner of Time-Line Therapy™

NB Within Dr Alex’s arsenal, this remains a spectacular means for rapidly releasing certain ‘structures’ of negative emotions – when used within the realm of her ‘Structural Psycho-neurology’ and a wider programme. Some tenets of TLT have also been developed by Dr Alex for certain other processes eg  ‘Defragging’ – a technique that is a bit like defragmenting a computer, for people mentally ‘at threshold’ or ‘on their knees’.

She is the Creator of Dr Alex’s ‘Limbic Psycho-neurology’ & ‘Limbic Languaging®’. This is a massive area of Dr Alex’s R&D – underpinning the first-ever, solution-focused ‘unconscious change’ methodology for rapid, client-directed, conscious change of deep-seated challenges – including trauma & emotionally-charged/emotionally-debilitating challenges.

Most importantly, she’s here to apply whatever she knows, and whatever she can do, to help YOU. Find out how Dr Alex can help !

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Dr Alex is deeply honoured to have received an invitation to Buckingham Palace hosted by Her Majesty The Queen & The Duke of Edinburgh  for a Landmark Reception for British Innovators in Science & Medicine (2006) – nominated by The Royal Society of Medicine.

She has been cited in ‘Top 50’ ‘Wellbeing Gurus’ (London Paper, London).

She’s been awarded ‘Health Practitioner of the Year‘ Award (Today’s Therapist).

And she received a ‘City of Bath’ ‘Person of Merit Award’ for unprecedented academic accomplishments, in adverse circumstances.

Dr Alex Concorde has been featured in the UK’s National Press including:

  • Sunday Times ‘Future’ Magazine

  • Sunday Times ‘Style’ Magazine

  • Sunday Times Magazine

  • Times/

  • Daily Mail

  • Mail on Sunday ‘You’ Magazine

She has also been cited in:

  • London Evening Standard

  • Golden Agers

  • RedOrbit

  • Positive Health

And featured in:

The Definitive Guide to Cancer (book) (also the only non-US Editor)

Applied Emotional Intelligence (book)

The Nature Journal

And on Social Media she is:

  • Top 1% viewed profiles on Linkedin, out of 200Million

  • @DrAlexConcorde is Top 1% on Twitter out of 500 Million

  • Top 1% of Elite Influencers on Kred (for Trust, Reach & Engagement)

  • ‘DrAlexTrustedVoice’ is a Featured Radioshow on BlogTalkRadio

  • Dr Alex is The Feature Expert on ‘Best People We Know’, Top 1%-Rated Radio Show (> 1,000,000 Global Listeners, mainly in the USA)


Why does all this matter? It doesn’t! Except to say that if you think you’ve found someone special here – someone who has something special to offer YOU – you are not alone.

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What really matters about Dr Alex


When you see a therapist, usually they offer one thing and have focused on / specialised in one field. That is great if that is all that you need, and if they are able to accurately marry ‘what they can offer you’ with ‘what you have got wrong with you’.

Most patients don’t really think about this before they embark on a journey to remedy any ill-health. Here is why it matters.


When working with individuals such as yourself, Dr Alex uses her hallmark multi-disciplinary approach, calling on a vast continuum of specialist knowledge.

This includes Philosophy & Anthropology, through Psychology & Psycho-neurology, Physiology & Bio-science, Cellular Biology, Neuroscience & Genetics.

This tells her ‘how things should be’ and ‘what elements can go wrong’.

Dr Alex stays up-to-date with all new knowledge – constantly building on her extensive platform of knowledge from formal training. And that includes 25 years of near-continuous university training, not to mention all her other training.

The knowledge of ‘what can go wrong’ is not enough.

Dr Alex then uses this in combination with extensive and up-to-date knowledge of Pathology, Bio-pathology, Psycho-pathology and Patho-physiology. Again with a lot of formal, additional and ongoing training.

This tells her ‘what has gone wrong’, or ‘what has most likely gone wrong (subject to further testing)’. In theory.

It takes years upon years to learn how to diagnose effectively – this one discipline underpins the success or otherwise of any clinician’s work.

Diagnostics is the process by which a clinician can take what INFORMATION YOU GIVE THEM and WHAT THEY CAN SEE OR OBSERVE OR MEASURE (eg through palpation, or auscultation, or lab tests) and work out whether that does indeed ‘fit’ with their theory of what ‘has most likely gone wrong’.

This is how the *theory of ‘what most likely has gone wrong’ is made personal to YOU – or discounted because what you are saying, or what the clinician is seeing, doesn’t fit.

Worryingly, Dr Alex is increasingly noticing that this process has gone wrong in mainstream medicine: such that if ‘what you are saying’ doesn’t fit the presumed diagnosis, *you are discounted!

A good diagnostician will save you years of heartache and big bills – whether that’s through private medical costs, or opportunity costs from being ill. Increasingly in mainstream medicine we just ‘wheel out’ ‘the most likely diagnosis’, or the one that first fits a ‘tuned-into-fragment’ of your presentation, and listen a lot less. Most patients report that they were never even examined, or didn’t have time in their consultations to put all their information on the table. Which all in itself severely curtails any possibility of you getting value from seeing a clinician, no matter how ‘good a diagnostician’ they would be if they were able to take more time.

Dr Alex has been trained at world-leading Medical Schools & as a Doctor at top-rated University Hospitals – so she has had a very high-calibre of training in diagnosis. However she has since developed the art to an extraordinary degree.

Her work pivots around your diagnosis – and she will not stop until she knows she has all the information she needs. Please note that a diagnosis isn’t necessarily a ‘name’ for your problem, it can also be deducing the composition of your problem.

The calibre of the Diagnostic Process is crucial to you. If you don’t get that right, things are missed, or you spend a lot treating the wrong things, or not treating the right things. Years can go with your challenges unsolved. That is why Dr Alex puts a very high emphasis on the quality of the initial enquiries, the initial consultation and, where indicated, the initial testing.

This deduction step can be at the level of Sherlock Holmes, or it can be at the level of Inspector Clouseau of the Pink Panther. As Charles Dreyfus said – “Give me ten men like Clouseau, and I can destroy the world…”. All jokes aside – point made, it  really matters!

Importantly, it doesn’t occur to many patients that most practitioners they consult within the ‘non-mainstream-medical healthcare field’ have little or no diagnostic training, and no proper knowledge of pathological processes. Indeed many have virtually no knowledge of even the science of normal processes relevant to their own field. Conversely, doctors have so much training and so much knowledge – but how much of that are they are actually able to use with YOU, given the dynamic of today’s healthcare systems? No disrespect intended – but it is relevant to your outcome.*



All of that is about ‘knowledge’, and ‘the application of knowledge’ to your presentation.

But what if there is something even more special? What if a clinician has an *extraordinary capacity ‘for applying knowledge’, in a new and far more advanced way?

Because coupled with all this knowledge and diagnostic skill, what matters most for YOU, is Dr Alex’s capacity for inter-connected thinking and complexity modelling. It takes things into another stratosphere entirely.

This is because most diagnostic processes are ‘linear’. Diagnostics using complexity modelling are estimated to be between 1 million and 10 billion times more powerful. These are the Holy Grail of current medical modelling R&D. This is how Dr Alex does her diagnostics.

Indeed Dr Alex sees many patients who have been referred to her from all over the world because of her extraordinary capacity for joined-up-thought, coupled with her extensive knowledge and leading-edge diagnostic capabilities.


Dr Alex will work to make sure she is able to view your presentation how it ACTUALLY IS – in 3D, in multi-colour, and as a multi-faceted problem. As YOUR INDIVIDUAL problem, different from anyone else’s. And she will apply all her knowledge, advanced systems and skills to exploring, unwrapping, unpicking and solving your challenges.

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Not yet convinced? OK there is more!



Perhaps even more importantly, there is her ground-breaking R&D – which has been gargantuan in three separate domains:


Dr Alex has managed to develop treatment approaches that have defied hundreds of thousands of researchers through time. Indeed several treatment approaches… and they are less ‘approaches’ and more ‘whole new avenues for treatment’.

Like her ability to work directly with the Limbic Mind, to quickly tackle deeply-seated psychological presentations that are generally thought to be out of reach.


Dr Alex has developed a structural system which she uses both for diagnosing and treating, which in and of itself revolutionises healthcare.

It essentially creates a ‘predictive order of what to treat first, how and why’, then next etc. This allows her to deliberately apply herself to treating you in a way that creates ‘The greatest possible GAINS in the shortest time, with the least possible effort‘.

In other words, for you, Dr Alex’s Structural System means you get the highest possible value out of every interface. It also means that if you are literally at your wits’ end, and flat as a pancake, she can still treat you – because instead of you getting more depleted by treatment sessions, you get more energised.

This is one way that she can help you improve – and help you get better with speed, and without a huge bill. Great medicine is not cheap to develop, nor to deliver – the clinician’s work that goes on ‘behind’ the patient touch-points is immense. But if applied strategically at the Patient level, it can be affordable. All of this is part of Dr Alex’s wish to make life-changing, valuable treatment approaches accessible to many more people.


Dr Alex has created a ‘new way of using all science and data’ in an INDIVIDUAL yet SYSTEMATISED WAY.

This is another enormous development in Medicine. Before now there has been a dichotomy between ‘Individualisation’ and ‘Standardisation’. It has always been assumed that one excludes the other. So either you wheel out standardised treatments to everyone (treatments always the same) – or you individualise treatments (create different individual treatments), but can’t maintain standards. Dr Alex has now debunked this wrongful premise.

Dr Alex has worked out how it is possible to create totally INDIVIDUAL approaches with each different patient, for which ‘treatment standards’ and ‘clinical efficacy’ (your results !) can be REPLICATED from patient to patient. 

This means TRULY INDIVIDUAL MEDICINE. Which in turn means ‘no redundancy’ – in other words, nothing Dr Alex does with or for you will be ‘stuff good for people generally’, which is an imperfect ‘match’ for your own presentation. Instead it is all deduced, especially designed and targeted to work EXACTLY FOR YOU. And eliminating ‘randomness’ also reduces your costs, as it dramatically increases the speed for you getting your results.

Even just this aspect of her work is a sea-change development within medicine which solves the very conundrum that has resulted in ‘reductionist’ practices.

In medicine, for example, ‘standardisation’ means that doctors can only offer NON-INDIVIDUAL, rigidly-researched (ie in ways that are unlikely to totally reflect your own situation), monochrome, churned-out, ‘one-size-fits-all’ treatments that are always out-of-sync with science, and sideline most available knowledge. By definition and by design, those treatments can never be ‘truly faithful’ to the composition and complexity of your own very individual problem. So although hailed as ‘best-practice’, it is still actually ‘best guess’, when applied to YOU.

Dr Alex has worked out – after 15 years of thinking about it! – how to offer truly STANDARDISED (NON-RANDOM) INDIVIDUAL MEDICINE.

And with that Conundrum solved, it has also made it possible for her to use ALL OF SCIENCE within ‘The Dr Alex System of Medicine / Psychology’ – because she has a way of maintaining both standards and treatment efficacy across patients, regardless of whether she is using science that has only recently emerged, or long-established treatments.



Some of this is a lot to get your head around – the great news is, you don’t have to.

The key take-home is this: there is something special going on here! And even after all that Dr Alex has invested to bring New Medicine and New Psychology, and all the other systems she offers, to this place and to this level, all her knowledge, skills, systems and developments save you cash by making it the fastest, most hard-hitting and most strategically well-thought-through process it can possibly be. That doesn’t mean it’s cheap, it means it’s the cheapest it can be, and it means it’s worth it.

Dr Alex will understand your problem. And she will see it in a unique way. She will see it as the Individual Presentation that it is. She will tackle it with an armoury of weapons, using a multitude of different sciences, all up-to-the-minute. 

Her overwhelming wish remains to provide patients with answers to problems that they feel they are ‘stuck’ with, because nothing else has ‘done the trick… driven by her huge motivation to help individuals in a meaningful, powerful way, to get better, be better, know better, feel better.

And what matters most of all, is that she has dedicated her life to being able to ‘offer more’, not for her own purposes, but because she cares, she truly cares !

If you are struggling with any conditions that you are unsure about, please just contact Dr Alex via here. There is no obligation, and you have everything to gain by taking the leap.

Any questions? Please ask !

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*Please note that Dr Alex does not claim that her approach supersedes or displaces anything else – everything has value and everything has a place. Rather, she has deliberately developed treatment that can work in domains where mainstream medicine, psychology and psychotherapy either have a ceiling, are slow, or are poor – having worked out why that is. She doesn’t offer everything, doesn’t offer anything that is adequately offered elsewhere, and definitely does not work in lieu of your mainstream medical providers – that’s not covered by her, because it’s covered by them.

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